At Clagett Enterprises, we oversee and increase our clients’ real estate investments through professionally-delivered sales, leasing, management, and consultation services. We are dedicated to the expedient resolution of our clients’ needs and make every effort to exceed expectations. Our work has a profound effect on our clients’ daily quality of life – which ultimately has an effect on the community at large.

Galen Clagett, founding President and CEO, established Clagett Enterprises in 1987, specializing in commercial management sales and leasing. His service as a former Frederick County Commissioner and later on the Maryland House of Delegates, provided him with an extensive understanding of land management and development, giving him the ability to guide clients through the complex development process. His three terms on the Appropriations Committee as a Maryland State Delegate broadened his scope and deepened his understanding of costs and budgets.

Very quickly Clagett Enterprises grew in both employees and additional services. The company is widely known for its commercial property management as well as the more than 200 Homeowner and Condominimum Associations it manages in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Today Clagett Enterprises has a team of more than 40 employees with offices in Frederick, MD, and Martinsburg, WV. In 2022, on the 35th anniversary of its founding, Thomas Clagett assumed the role of President and CEO. Galen remains Chairman of the Board of Directors and involved in the daily operation of the business. As was true from its founding, the company’s continuing reputation and success is built on its expertise and high quality of customer service.